Solyane - Suprem reparing serum

Picture of Solyane - Suprem reparing serum
Designed for the specific needs of mature or tired skins, this highly restructuring treatment reveals a more homogeneous complexion, a smoother and plumped skin. Its powerful anti-aging action delays cellular aging by applying new discoveries in epigenetic science.

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• Accelerates the epidermal regeneration
• Activates the cellular recycling process by stimulating the proteasome2
• Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
• Deeply moisturizes the skin and prevents dehydration
• Reduces brown spots and slows down their formation

for a rejuvenated, toned skin, significantly smoother, softer with a unified and
radiant complexion.


Use daily as complement to your moisturizing cream.
Can also be used to fill a one-time imbalance of the skin due to stress,
to fatigue at change of seasons or immediately after a sun exposure.
Apply by keys and make penetrate gently so as not to affect the skin elasticity.

Content 30 ml - airless