Our cosmetic lines

Our products are suitable for all types and colors of skin, both for women and men.

Discover our various cosmetic lines and get the skin care that is most adapted to you.



Cleansing line:

The key to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin gently.

The ideal support to your daily beauty rituals.The skin is cleansed, radiant, and prepared to better absorb the care's active ingredients. 

It consists of Silky (cleansing milk), Velskine (face scrub) and Lumyline (tonic lotion).



Anti-aging and moisturizing line:

This line moisturizes, nourishes, protects and regenerates your skin according to its needs.  It deeply reconstructs the nutrient reserves of your skin.

It helps to prevent young skins from aging, and corrects the effects of aging on mature skins. 

Our products in this line include Cyliane (deep moisturizing cream), Hyalurane (hyaluronic restructuring cream), Eyeline (eye contour gel), and Solyane (extreme healing serum).



Specific line:

To effectivey answer the specific needs of all skin types.

This line includes Sensyline (mask for sensitive skin and diffused redness), Acnoline (anti-imperfection cream), Lipline (lip contour care), Uniline (radiance complexion cream) and Optiline (complexion correcting mask).



Body Line:

Our body line is composed of three complete and essential treatments for your skin and your figure. 

Moisturize your skin deeply and give it elasticity and smoothness back!

Composed of G + (breast firming and shaping care), Olyane (moisturizing "dry touch" oil), and Slimlyse (slimming, anti-cellulite gel).