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Picture of Nireline - Rare Repairing cream

€44.50 incl tax

Nireline - Rare Repairing crea...

This rich cream helps fighting against atopic conditions and severe skin dryness.

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Picture of Sébyline - Matifying Gel

€39.00 incl tax

Sébyline - Matifying Gel

This light fluid for combination and oily skins favors skin matifying, purifies the epider...

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Picture of Detoxane - Detox City cream

€49.00 incl tax

Detoxane - Detox City cream

Detoxane cleans off and protects skin cells against harmful molecules, activates the skin ...

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Picture of D-Stress - Regenerating Lifting Gel

€39.50 incl tax

D-Stress - Regenerating Liftin...

This light gel nourishes, protects and moisturizes the skin to resist in particular to the...

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Picture of Scruby - Body Scrub

€40.00 incl tax

Scruby - Body Scrub

Revitalizing and regenerating treatment, this highly effective scrub with Walnut shell pow...

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Picture of Genislim - Slimming Gel

€44.50 incl tax

Genislim - Slimming Gel

Genislim is a powerful slimming product of new generation for excess fat on hips, stomach ...

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