G-Plus - Firming and shape of the breast

Picture of G-Plus - Firming and shape of the breast
In firming up the cutaneous envelope of the breast, this fine oil allows you regaining a firmer chest and a soft and silky skin in a single step. "Soft touch" effect.

€59.50 incl tax


Formulated with unique plant extracts with restructuring, nourishing, moisturizing and
firming qualities of Bellis perennis (common daisy), Inca inchi and Macadamia.

- Your breasts are toned and their shape gets restructured

- The neckline is smoothed and firmer

- The quality and the elasticity of your skin is greatly improved

Can be used for post pregnancy care in order to regain tone and firmness.



Apply daily. Smooth a small amount into the hands and gently apply, gliding upward
from the base of the breasts to the chin.

Content 30 ml - airless