Face skin care

Picture of Silky - Soft cleansing milk

€33.00 incl tax

Silky - Soft cleansing milk

This rich and smooth cleansing milk eliminates very gently impurities and make-up, without...

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Picture of Velskine - Face srub

€34.50 incl tax

Velskine - Face srub

Jojoba micro-pearls scrub gently the surface of the face epidermis and eliminate impuritie...

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Picture of Lumyline - Tonic lotion

€32.50 incl tax

Lumyline - Tonic lotion

This non-alcoholic toning lotion removes dead cells and impurities from the epidermis than...

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Picture of Cyliane - Anti-ageing emulsion

€44.50 incl tax

Cyliane - Anti-ageing emulsion

This anti-ageing emulsion is a strong stimulating moisturizer. Its AcquaCell natural comp...

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Picture of Detoxane - Detox City cream

€49.00 incl tax

Detoxane - Detox City cream

Detoxane cleans off and protects skin cells against harmful molecules, activates the skin ...

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Picture of D-Stress - Regenerating Lifting Gel

€39.50 incl tax

D-Stress - Regenerating Liftin...

This light gel nourishes, protects and moisturizes the skin to resist in particular to the...

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Picture of Hyalurane - Anti-ageing cream

€39.00 incl tax

Hyalurane - Anti-ageing cream

This soft feeling cream facilitates the regeneration of damaged skin cells and stimulates ...

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Picture of Eyeline - Eye contour Gel.

€39.00 incl tax

Eyeline - Eye contour Gel.

Specifically designed for the delicate area of the eye contour this gel moisturizes and no...

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Picture of Solyane - Suprem reparing serum

€69.00 incl tax

Solyane - Suprem reparing seru...

Designed for the specific needs of mature or tired skins, this highly restructuring treatm...

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Picture of Uniline - Radiance complexion cream

€48.00 incl tax

Uniline - Radiance complexion ...

This rich triple action cream , particularly effective and without any side effects, brigh...

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Picture of Optiline - Complexion correcting mask

€44.00 incl tax

Optiline - Complexion correcti...

This mask reinforces the action of the Uniline cream in shading off the melanin pigments a...

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Picture of Sensyline - Gentle mask sensitive and redness skins

€49.00 incl tax

Sensyline - Gentle mask sensit...

This gel mask has been specially designed for the treatment of sensitive and reactive skin...

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