Shipping & Returns

Shipping costs
All the shipments of Bēlēnsa Ltd are carried out by the Post office or a forwarder. The amount of shipping costs (packing, handling and transport charges) is fixed according to the total weight of the order.

Delivery time
The products ordered by the buyer will be delivered to the address she/he indicated on the order form within a maximum of fifteen working days, for products in stock, from the working day following the day of the order validated by the buyer. If the products are not in stock at the time of the order processing, the buyer will be informed by email of the product availability date. Bēlēnsa Ltd declines any responsibility in the event of important delays in delivery due to the forwarder mis-handling or in the event of a loss of the shipped products by the Post office or because of a strike of the mail service. It is specified that transport risks are supported by the buyer. In case of delays in delivery, the buyer needs to notify this delay as soon as possible to the customer service of Bēlēnsa Ltd in writing at [email protected]

Damage during the delivery and errors of delivery
On receipt of the ordered products, the buyer will have to check the conformity with the order. Any problem concerning the delivery will have to be announced by the buyer on receipt and will have imperatively to be notified the same day or at latest the first working day following the receipt, to the Bēlēnsa Ltd consumer service, by e-mail addressed to [email protected] Through lack of declaration within the time allowed, the buyer will bear expenses of possible damages of the goods.

For any return in connection with an error of delivery, an error of product etc. a request for return is obligatory. All requests for product returns must be addressed to [email protected] Returns are accepted only in original not open cardboard packaging.