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Picture of Scruby - Body Scrub

€22.00 incl tax €40.00 incl tax

Scruby - Body Scrub

Revitalizing and regenerating treatment, this highly effective scrub with Walnut shell pow...

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Picture of Genislim - Slimming Gel

€40.00 incl tax

Genislim - Slimming Gel

Genislim is a powerful slimming product of new generation for excess fat on hips, stomach ...

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Picture of Rituel anti-âge

€121.00 incl tax €123.00 incl tax

Rituel anti-âge

Hydrater en profondeur, nourrir, protéger; les trois essentiels. Concentré en agents a...

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Picture of Epiderme éclairci

€106.40 incl tax €115.00 incl tax

Epiderme éclairci

Principalement composé d’une crème et d’un masque, ce pack éclaircit l’épiderme sans l’agr...

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